Gareth Edwards Needs To Direct Another 'Star Wars' Movie

Annlyel shares her hopes of Gareth Edwards returning to direct another adventure from the galaxy far, far away…

Under Disney, we’ve gotten five Star Wars movies, only two of which were directed by the same man, J.J Abrams (The Force Awakens and The Rise Of Skywalker). Everyone regards Oscar-winning director Ron Howard with much respect and were unexpectedly delighted with his work on Solo: A Star Wars Story. Rian Johnson has become a household name due to his contribution to both directing and writing The Last Jedi. But not enough praise is given to Gareth Edwards, the man who brought a distinct vision to what has become my favorite Star Wars movie of all time, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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Edwards delivered one of the most visually striking Star Wars movies of the last five years, impeccably depicting a story that was as gritty as it gets. I cannot express enough to you how beautiful Rogue One can be during so many scenes but I’ll list a few moments that are utterly breathtaking.

There’s that shot early into the movie that depicts an Imperial shuttle flying over an ocean on the planet Lah’Mu as the wide expanse of the beautiful blue sky can be seen with captivating brilliance. Or what about that chilling shot that showcases the Death Star eclipsing the sun over Jedha, casting the planet into haunting darkness?

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And don’t even get me started on some of the final shots of the film; the Death Star rising on the cusp of the planet Scarif like the dawn of the rebels’ end, Darth Vader standing in a dark hallway bathed in the red glow of his lightsaber as he prepares to annihilate a group of pitiful rebel soldiers, and we can’t forget that shot of Princess Leia with her back turned to us all, incredibly regal in her iconic white dress.

Death Star Over Scarif - Rogue One

Gareth Edwards brought to life one of the best Star Wars movies ever made and it’s kind of laughable that he hasn’t been approached again to direct, if not another Star Wars movie, at least an episode of The Mandalorian.

Hopefully, he’ll play a part in bringing that fantastic grittiness to the Rogue One prequel series supposedly coming next year.


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