December 4, 2022
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 'Dangerous Debt' Review

Max sinks his teeth into the triumphant return of The Clone Wars in Season 7.7 – “Dangerous Debt”

Dangerous Debt continues the Ahsoka/Martez arc and with one episode left, I can say this arc was a pretty entertaining story. I’m very curious to see how it wraps up, and I feel the peak of the fun was in this episode. Ahsoka and the Martez sisters have been captured by the Pykes and are in a jail cell in a creepy “alien” Pyke castle. While imprisoned, we learn a little more about Rafa and Trace and their animosity towards the Jedi. We are painted a picture of the ugly side of the Jedi; one that’s not often shown. This parallels real-life with authority figures who are supposed to be good guys; yet oftentimes, they make mistakes and don’t always save everyone. Sometimes a choice is made, and not everyone lives happily ever after.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Dangerous Debt 2

The Pykes are a favorite alien design of mine, yet throughout the episode, they are shown to be as ineffective foot soldiers as the stormtroopers. They are terrible shots and not great at hand to hand combat. The escape sequence was actually pretty clever and spur of the moment. Trace, Rafa, and Ahsoka make everything up as they go along and like the last episode; make a lot of mistakes due to their young age. It’s fun to see Ahsoka subtly use her Force powers to aid their escape and honestly; if it wasn’t for her subtle jabs with the Force, the trio would probably not have survived.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Dangerous Debt 5

My favorite part of the episode teaches a lesson that everyone watching should learn from. While on the run in the city where the Pyke castle is, a homeless Gotal comes up to Rafa and Ahsoka, asking for spare credits. Rafa rudely waves him off, and it’s obvious that this being was pretty miffed. So miffed that he takes his revenge by ID’ing the girls to the Pyke soldiers. I encounter many homeless people in my travels, and after seeing this; I promise to start giving them spare change when I can. You never know how it will benefit (or screw you) in the long run, and the lesson here is to always try to be kind. Speaking of this, Rafa is very mercenary towards Ahsoka in this episode and I can’t tell if I blame her or not.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Dangerous Debt 4

Her first priority is her younger sister Trace, and Ahsoka is like a third wheel in the chronicle of the Martez sisters. However, Ahsoka’s goodness always shines through and she herself would never abandon the sisters. Like I said, the “escape” was not Star Wars standard and I was very surprised at the outcome. Some might say it was all for nothing and circular, yet I felt it was very realistic.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Dangerous Debt 7

The Pykes are like the Hutts. They only care about their own and they think they are better than other beings. They will stop at nothing to get what they feel they were cheated out of. Thankfully, the girls have some mysterious allies waiting in the wings…… Heart pounding and fun, this episode I award a solid A.


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