December 10, 2023

Disney+ (Image courtesy of Disney)

Beat the lockdown blues and Join Thomas on a whirlwind tour of the best content on Disney Plus

Disney Plus launched in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland on March 24th and it finally launched here in France yesterday! More European countries like Portugal and Belgium will follow in August.

In these times of quarantine due to COVID-19, a new streaming service is more than welcome! There’s plenty of things to discover or rewatch.



Stargirl is a Disney + original. It’s a beautiful and uplifting coming-of-age movie with wonderful songs and a timeless message of staying true to yourself. Grace VanderWaal shines in her acting debut with Graham Verchere at her side, down-to-earth and endearing performances. It’s also not your typical teen movie so it’s a real breath of fresh air!

The Mandalorian


We obviously can’t talk about Disney + without talking about The Mandalorian. It’s the first live-action Star Wars TV series. We follow the story of a Mandalorian, a bounty hunter who ends up protecting a Child he was supposed to deliver to unscrupulous former Imperials. It’s definitely a must-watch, Jon Favreau delivered some great Star Wars here!

The first four chapters are now available, new episodes available every Friday.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Final Season

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - A Distant Echo 3

Canceled after 5 seasons in 2013, the sixth season of 13 episodes was then released in 2014. After that we got two arcs in story reel (not finished animation) – the Utapau arc and the first Bad Batch arc and a novel for the Dark Disciple arc and a comic for the Son of Dathomir arc. But there were still many episodes that were in production or had been written at the time the Emmy-award winning series was canceled, leaving fans wanting to see them. And now, we can finally witness the final season of The Clone Wars on Disney +, it’s just 12 episodes but it’s already more than we had hoped! These final episodes received an updated animation style which is absolutely gorgeous. The three arcs from the season are the first Bad Batch arc, the Ahsoka arc and the Siege of Mandalore. For fans of this show, it’s a must-watch!

Star Wars The Clone Wars Dangerous Debt 5

The first six episodes are now available, episode 7 and 8 will be available on Friday and then one episode every Friday. Previous seasons are also available if you want to rewatch them or simply discover this amazing show!

The World According To Jeff Goldblum


Still in the Disney + originals but a different genre – the docuseries The World According To Jeff Goldblum. The title says it all, do we even need to say more? It’s Jeff Goldblum, he’s a legend with an inquisitive, strange, entertaining mind, there is no one else like him. You’re in for a treat with this show, and you’ll also probably learn a thing or two along the way.

The first three episodes are now available, new episodes every Friday.

Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY

Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY

Moving on from the Disney + Originals, yesterday, I discovered this movie with a very long title. It’s starring Steve Carrell, Jennifer Garner, Dylan Minette and it’s absolutely hilarious! If you’re looking to watch a good comedy, this is the one!

While You Were Sleeping


If you want a good rom-com, Disney + has this too! While You Were Sleeping is a Golden Globes nominated movie from 1995. It’s a lot of fun as Sandra Bullock’s character puts herself in a complicated situation where the family of the person she saved (that person is in a coma) thinks she is his fiancé while she falls in love with his brother. A beautiful and entertaining romance, I love it!

Avengers Assemble


And lastly, the animated series Avengers Assemble. It’s a five-season series along with a series of shorts for Secret Wars. It’s a nice and entertaining series bringing us a good dose of superhero fun!

If you want to see what’s coming in Original shows on Disney +, you can check this article.


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