Star Wars: The Clone Wars ‘Together Again' Review

Max sinks his teeth into the triumphant return of The Clone Wars in Season 7.8 – “Together Again”

“Together Again” is the final episode of the Ahsoka/Martez arc and despite having tons of interesting points; it was slightly anti-climactic. Ahsoka makes a deal with the greedy Pykes; allowing the Martez sisters to leave and bring back the spice (as the Pykes don’t know it was dumped into hyperspace.) The girls have one rotation to return with the spice, and Ahsoka bought time is basically just cover for them to get back to their lives. I guess it would be hard to search Coruscant’s underworld for them.

Star Wars The Clone Wars - Together Again 3

Ahsoka manages (alone) to use the Force (again) to escape from the cell and smartly plants detonators on various places in the Pyke citadel. Ahsoka also spies on the Pyke’s transmission and we learn why the Pykes are so desperate to get the spice. A familiar face is running the operation. Darth Maul or Maul in his position of leader of the Crimson Dawn does not accept failure. It is awesome to see Maul (albeit holographically) and as of 19 BBY, we learn he is running Crimson Dawn already; the criminal organization from Solo: A Star Wars Story. In the Solo movie, Han and the others steal from the Pykes, but now it seems the Pykes are working for Maul. Ahsoka eavesdrops on this conversation and this will set things up for the final arc.

Solo: A Star Wars Story | Darth Maul's Shock Return

Meanwhile, Rafa and Trace decide to return the favor and rescues Ahsoka by going back to Obah Diah. It amazes me how two round trips from these planets take less than a day. Timothy Zahn (obsessed with travel time) would be shaking his head. Trace and Rafa decide to steal spice from a location on Obah Diah and give it to the Pykes, under the guise as the original spice. Rafa pressures the shipping workers who are an unusual species. They are all Toong’s; the same goofy alien as Ben Quadrinaros. Poor Ben didn’t have a shot in the Boonta Eve Podrace in The Phantom Menace, and these other guys seem to also exhibit his luck.

Star Wars The Clone Wars - Together Again 2

Things seem under control until their manager arrives. He is an intimidating, tall and bulky Trandoshan and seeing Rafa try to fight him is painful. The whole fight sequence is completely disjointed and messy as the first brawl between Trace and those aliens in “Gone with a Trace“. I don’t know how Rafa lasts so long against this brute and luckily manages to use wit to injure/kill him.

Star Wars The Clone Wars - Together Again 1

The sisters and Ahsoka reunite and escape when Ahsoka detonated the charges she smartly planted. The dogfight between the girls and the Pykes is where the anti-climactic part comes in. It is a generic and quick escape and when the Martez sisters learn Ahsoka is a Jedi; there isn’t the big outburst I wanted. They kinda just accept it and then at the end; think the Jedi aren’t so bad after all. Or to be a little fairer to the story; Ahsoka is the Jedi the sisters always wanted to believe in. That’s fine, but I would’ve liked to see more anger like – YOU WERE A JEDI THIS WHOLE TIME. YOU LIED!!!!

Star Wars The Clone Wars - Together Again 4

Overall, The arc transitions into the next one way too abruptly and I feel that things were very much rushed. It wasn’t a terrible episode, but it had a lot of weak foundations. C+.


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