December 10, 2022
S.H. Figuarts Iron Man MK-VII & Hall Of Armor (The Avengers) Review

Thomas gains entry into Iron Man‘s Hall of Armor to review the awesome MK-VII action figure from The Avengers

My newest review is a blast from the past with Iron Man MK-VII from the first Avengers movie! This one is a deluxe set including a hall of armor!


Batteries are not included within the set. To make the hall of armor function you need 3 AAA batteries. If you already have a hall of armor, you can attach them together. With two it’s pretty cool so I can only imagine how great it must be to have them all! The LED option is obviously a cool feature.


This figure comes with 8 interchangeable hands, two arm missile interchangeable pieces, 2 hand missile interchangeable pieces, two leg missile interchangeable pieces, 2 shoulder missile interchangeable pieces, 4 hand reactor effects, and 2 feet reactor effects. So there is a lot of interchangeable pieces on this one! Aside from the second Nano-Tech set MK-50, it’s the Iron Man figure with the biggest number of accessories!

The armor is pretty much screen accurate and has amazing paint apps. Bandai never fails with Iron Man figures, they just get it always right and they always use this great metallic paint!


This figure has 34 points of articulation including 4 back aileron POA for flight mode poses. Figuarts really has thought about every detail on this one! All the interchangeable armor pieces are easy to remove except for the legs, you need some patience or long nails.


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Final Thoughts:

A very complete figure, only a Tony Stark headsculpt is missing, otherwise, it would have been perfect!


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