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Annlyel shares her to picks of the best Star Wars content available on Disney+ to get you through the coronavirus lockdown

Star Wars. It’s the franchise that has been with me since I was a literal baby. Over the years, the franchise has grown and now it only continues to offer new experiences, new characters to love, new stories to be entranced by, and new action sequences that leave me speechless. Disney+ gives you everything Star Wars. The movies, the animated series, documentaries, everything, and I’m here to share with you the five essential things to watch in the Star Wars category.

Being a 'Star Wars' Fan: A Quick Self-Analysis

Star Wars: Rebels

With four seasons and close to a hundred episodes of content, Star Wars: Rebels is the animated series to binge-watch. With a storyline that children and adults alike can enjoy, Star Wars: Rebels has characters as lovable as the Original Trilogy characters, some of the best lightsaber duels in the franchise, and the Force is highlighted in some really exciting and thought-provoking ways.

Star Wars: Rebels An Emotional Ride That Was Worth Every Second

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Seven seasons, countless episodes, a whole bunch of storylines, a vast array of characters, familiar and new, The Clone Wars is a great show and totally worth the watch.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Featured

Empire of Dreams: The Story of the ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

Have you ever wanted to know the details of how Star Wars was conceived and the trials and tribulations Lucas went through to bring this epic story to life? Well, this two-hour documentary answers all of your most grueling questions, depicting a fantastic tale of George Lucas’ perseverance and his rise to Hollywood prominence by defying the conventional and singlehandedly creating the most imaginative story ever brought to the big screen.

This documentary is so good you can watch it multiple times and still learn something new.

Star Wars: Empire Of Dreams Disney Plus

The Force Awakens

What’s fun with a capital F? The Force Awakens. With a solid story that casual and diehard fans of the franchise can enjoy and an impeccable cast that brings this movie to life, The Force Awakens is a real treat to watch.

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Empire Strikes Back

I couldn’t depart this list without stating the obvious slice of Star Wars entertainment worth checking out on Disney+ and that is, of course, The Empire Strikes BackA New Hope was already a groundbreaking achievement in cinema, bringing a fairytale-like story to life in a way never seen before, but The Empire Strikes Back solidified that this story wasn’t a fluke. This was the real deal and George Lucas was the head of operations on a tale that still manages to stand the test of time.


I love Star Wars.

Next and definitely not least, the National Geographic category.


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