December 3, 2022
Marvel Legends Review - Hasbro Ronan - Guardians Of The Galaxy

Thomas risks the wrath of Thanos to review the awesome Marvel Legends Ronan

Last year, Marvel Legends released a line dedicated to celebrating the first ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the characters released was Ronan from the Guardians Of The Galaxy.


This figure only comes with one accessory – Ronan’s hammer. The top part of the hammer is rigid while the handle is made of soft plastic so it can be easily bent. The hammer is painted in silver/grey with some purple for the Infinity Stone in the middle. This figure has 18 points of articulation. The hood and the pauldrons are stuck with the head so when you turn the head the pauldrons will also turn. I think not attaching the head and the hood would have been a better choice so the head could have moved without moving the pauldrons at the same time.


There are some good details on the outfit and good paint apps with different shades of grey for the different parts of the armor. The red marks actually feel like it’s some paint Ronan has put on his armor. The headsculpt is also pretty good, I love the little blue veins we can see under his eyes, that’s some really cool details!


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Final Thoughts:

A good addition to the roster of villains from the MCU!


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