December 9, 2022
Happy Birthday George Lucas

Celebrating the life of the father of the Force on his 76th birthday 

Today is May 14th and even though people will likely be reading this article after that date, the future will always be in motion and may stand still for this man. Besides having a midi-chlorian count of roughly 1,000,000 – George Lucas is the man responsible for creating one of the most innovative and awe evolving franchises of all time. Star Wars! George was a humble filmmaker when he conceived Star Wars and never even remotely dreamed it would have the impact it has today. Lucas was so unsure that he commissioned Alan Dean Foster to write a second script (which became the book Splinter of the Minds Eye) as a low-budget sequel to his movie in the “likely” chance Star Wars bombed. This was not so. Even though Star Wars’ plot is very similar to the story of the Knights Templar; it truly is a unique trailblazer in my book.

Being a 'Star Wars' Fan: A Quick Self-Analysis

Most sci-fi movies before 1977, focused solely on science elements so a story with a knight with a sword, wielding magic, and saving a princess BUT IN SPACE sounded totally ludacris! Yet it delivered and I am proud to say that Star Wars also really created the concept of a sword made of energy. Buck Rodgers had a knife that cuts through almost anything but nothing but Star Wars can take credit for the iconic lightsaber.

George Lucas - 76th Birthday

As we celebrate George’s birthday; I can’t help but express another reason why I admire this man. Many filmmakers are solely out to create movies to make money and will do whatever it takes to please audiences. Lucas does not do that. He makes movies because he is a storyteller and does it for his own love. In 1999, The Phantom Menace received a mostly negative reaction, but instead of canceling his prequel trilogy; he pressed onward, and despite the backlash for the following two; he finished what he started. He said “screw the haters. I have a story to tell” and tell it he did.


The Maker is in his late 70’s and I fear I will not get a chance to meet him before he passes into the Force. However, his spirit will always be in me; as I delve ever deeper into this rich universe.


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