S.H. Figuarts | First Look At Iron Man MK-1

S.H. Figuarts unveils a detailed look at their upcoming Iron Man MK-1 figure!

Yesterday, S.H. Figuarts revealed a sneak peek at their newest Marvel Cinematic Universe and today we got a full reveal for Iron Man MK-1 “The birth of Iron Man” edition! This figure is coming in October and will be a Bandai Web Premium along with it, Bandai is re-releasing the hall of armor, this one will be a normal release. Plan to get batteries as they won’t be included for this display.

The Iron Man figure includes interchangeable hands, flame, and reactor effects along with an empty headsculpt if you want to display the figure in the hall!


Pre-orders are now open for both. The Hall of Armor is available everywhere for 4950 JPY while Iron Man is a Bandai Web Premium and goes for 9900 JPY.


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