February 2, 2023
Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Lando Calrissian 40th Anniversary Review

Thomas takes a space detour to Bespin to review Hasbro’s smooth-talking smuggler

This second wave for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back also includes a re-release of the Lando Calrissian in his Bespin outfit, is it the remake fans have been asking for?

When Lando was first released, the digital face tech was still in the pipeline for Hasbro so the paint app was crappy. However, this time Hasbro did things right and used the amazing tech to get the best possible results! They used the previous headsculpt and applied the tech on it. That headsculpt is good but compared to the Skiff Lando headsculpt, you can see there’s something a little bit off. They gave him blue eyes instead of brown eyes … That’s … not good at all! When you re-release you have to improve it and the digital tech improved it except they got it wrong with the eyes and it’s disappointing! If you have the Skiff figure, you can do a little head swap.

The outfit is identical to the previous release and the collar still has a paint app problem mixing the black and the color skin for ugly results. The rest of the outfit has good paint apps though. A little fun fact, the legs are re-use from Marvel Legends figures. The inside of the cape is painted with a gold color but it’s far from screen accurate. They sculpted the right details but they just went the easy way and painted it all with the same color while on the actual cape you can see a little bit of green, brown-ish colors as well. The use of plastic also limits the arms articulation range, it’s removable so you can do a custom cape if you have enough skills in sewing.


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Final Thoughts:

A disappointing figure, it’s an easy pass. However, if you don’t own the previous release, I definitely recommend it and then do a head swap with the Skiff Lando figure!


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