Thomas channels his inner superhero to review the sensational new Hot Toys Superman from Justice League

After several delays, the Hot Toys Superman from Justice League was released in Hong Kong in February, and finally last week, it was released internationally by Sideshow, the official Hot Toys distributor! Perfect timing with the announcement of The Snyder Cut coming to HBO Max in 2021.

The box has the same design as the Batman (Justice League) box, except here you have a photo of Henry Cavill‘s character. This figure comes with 8 interchangeable hands, 1 additional LED light-up head, 3 batteries, 2 additional wrist joints, and a basic stand. The basic stand is a part of Batman‘s ship from the end of the movie, it’s large and big but it’s pretty cool. You have a Superman nameplate and the Justice League title in front. The rod of the stand is long enough for you to have the figure displayed in-flight position. As usual, read the user guide before touching the figure. This stand comes with all the Justice League figures except the Batman Deluxe edition that comes with a Para-Demon stand.

The Superman headsculpt is truly amazing, you can definitely see the resemblance to Henry Cavill there. I love that they used the serious look he has in the movies, it’s perfect! The second headsculpt is an angry Superman using his laser eyes, that’s why there is a LED light-up feature on it! That’s an awesome feature. The sculpt is another success for Hot Toys. It’s basically the face he does in Batman V Superman, really accurate! So I do believe we’ll see this again in The Snyder Cut as when he used his laser eyes in the theatrical cut, it wasn’t the face he did. There is a lot of anger in the facial expression Hot Toys sculpted, I’m intrigued to see what this scene was about! To place the batteries, you have to remove the inside of the head and use a screwdriver.

The suit is a thing of wonder. It has a lot of details with all these links sewed on it. You can clearly see the shape of Superman‘s muscles, it’s beautiful. They also used more vibrant colors to match the Justice League look of the suit compared to the Batman V Superman suit that was darker.

The cape is sewed onto the costume so be careful. It doesn’t have wires inside it unlike MAFEX so the cape just stands still, you can’t pose it. That’s the only thing I’d complain about. So when you have him in a flight position or fight position, you can’t give the cape a wind effect. For toy photography, I’d recommend the use of a small fan for that.


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Final Thoughts:

A great addition to the DC Comics collection from Hot Toys. That’s the ultimate Henry Cavill Superman figure, just wonderful!


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