Star Wars The Black Series Hasbro Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder) The Empire Strikes Back Review

Thomas travels to Hoth to review the new Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder Pilot figure

We already got a Luke Skywalker figure in the first wave but he is back with a different outfit in this second wave for the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back – this time in his Snowspeeder pilot outfit!

They used the panel control from the previous rebel pilot sculpt but overall this is a brand new sculpt! The Snowspeeder outfit is different from the boots, the vest, and gloves adapted to the cold. There are great paint apps and the orange is sharper. This figure has 18 points of articulation including the extra shoulder POA. Those extra joints will be useful if you plan on getting the Snowspeeder for Luke to properly hold the controls in the cockpit.

The lightsaber hilt is a repaint, mine has some red on the golden paint, it’s barely noticeable but it’s not perfect paint apps. However, the blade is brand new. It’s a thicker plastic, this way there is no way it will bend! The blade is removable and the hilt can be attached to the belt of the figure. Luke’s helmet is a re-use from the previous Luke pilot figure so it’s great with all the little details and they gave him a dirty look so it feels like it has seen some battles!

The headsculpt is new, it is similar to previous Luke headsculpt but slightly different. So there’s definitely some likeness to the character but it’s not the best one! This one though has the skullcap on him so no hair is visible.


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Final Thoughts:

Another Luke figure? Yes, did we need it? Not necessarily but it’s a great new one and if you want a Luke pilot, go for this one!


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