Carl takes a detour to LV-178 for a Xenomorph invasion in Tim Lebbon’s exceptional Alien adventure from Titan Books

When some authors get offered the chance to create a story based on a successful franchise, sometimes they get it fairly right, sometimes they can miss the mark entirely and sometimes pull something out that will surprise and thrill the reader and do what any good book should do. Leave the reader craving more. I picked up ‘Alien: Out Of The Shadows’ as it sounded like an interesting read but didn’t really expect to be blown away by it. How wrong I was. Tim Lebbon has created the first part of a three novel arc that is incredible. Some of it won’t win any prizes for originality but it hardly matters as events come at the reader thick and fast and have them gripped from the first page until the last.

Alien: Out Of The Shadows | By Tim Lebbon


The story is simple. Our main character is Chris Hooper who is assigned the ship, ‘The Marion’. After an incident severely damages the ship and kills the Captain, Hooper finds himself in charge of what crew is left as the ship starts to fall slowly to her death to the planet LV-178 below. The planet is where most of the Marions’ contingent work, in the mines on the planet. However, they have discovered something that shouldn’t be there, something that wipes out most of the workforce and manages to get itself up to the main ship. All the while, Hopper and whats left of the crew are trying desperately to find a way to stop the ship from descending down to a fiery death below. While they are attempting to find a solution to their plight, another shuttle decides to dock onboard the Marion. An EEV shuttle that contains a hypersleep chamber. Inside of which resides a single human female. And a Ginger Tom Cat.

Aliens - Ripley In Stasis

Fans will know instantly who is inside the EEV and they would be right. The book fits in greatly as the bridge between the end of ‘Alien‘ and the start of ‘Aliens‘. Although some of the events and some of the story corrupt what we know is coming down the line, it does throw up an interesting and enjoyable look at what MIGHT have happened in between the two movies. The book doesn’t outstay its welcome but is a nice page-turner, one that any Alien fan will enjoy and can nod and smile at as the little nods and fan service unveil themselves amongst the carnage that will be present inside the pages of the book.

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There are two other parts of the story that follow this book and I will be reading through those as soon as I can. But this first part of the arc is a brilliant start and one that I recommend to read and entertain you through the current times.

Stay Safe.


Alien: Out Of The Shadows by Tim Lebbon is published by Titan Books and is available to buy now!


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