Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge (Episode 1) Review

Max takes up the challenge to review the debut episode of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge

Jedi Temple Challenge is Ahmed Best’s second plunge into Star Wars and he plays a Jedi Master who hosts a game show for teams of “Jedi padawans”. I am delighted that Best has recovered from his turbulent relationship with Star Wars, as he was the voice of Jar Jar Binks and endured tons of hate to the point of where the poor man was contemplating suicide. By a gift from the Light Side, he is back as Kelleran Beq. Best revealed some cool stats about his character before the show first aired.

Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge (Episode 1) Ahmed Best

Let’s get into the game. Besides Kellleran, their is a protocol droid named AD-3 and a R5 unit; XL-R5 who assist in the game. We are introduced to 3 teams of 2 children who have some type of relationship with each other in the real world and are between the ages of 9-12. They compete in 3 trials, with each turn eliminating one team until only one is left standing. The first challenge is to complete 3 physical tasks and the tasks are as mundane and boring as can be. Then your team constructs the hilt of a lightsaber. The second challenge gets a little more interesting as you are now on a space cruiser, called the Athylia and the protocol droid tells a story from Star Wars lore. The story is all original content and the padawan teams play a memory game where they try to recall parts of the story.

Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge (Episode 1)

Finally, the last trial takes place in a “Jedi Temple” and has challenges that test both mind and body. There is a time limit this time and a creepy voice manifesting as the dark side tries to tempt you to accept its help with one of the puzzle. If you accept, the next challenge becomes harder. Their is a time limit and if you make it in time, you get to turn on your lightsaber and Yoda tells you good job. The game is very simple and not as exciting or fun as the “Hidden Temple of Doom” from Nickelodeon. The kids are a little annoying and AD-3’s attempts to lighten the mood with funny dialogue fail spectacularly every time. Best is, however, a very good host of the game and acts very much like a Jedi Master would.

Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge (Episode 1) Meet The Teams

This is a great show to entertain young Star Wars fans but it may not be something an adult would look forward to every week. I will say that I couldn’t stop laughing when one of the kids said the voice of the Dark Side of the Force was “kinda annoying”. It wasn’t meant to come out as funny; but regardless; it was hilarious. Perfect for kids. Not adults. B-


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