October 6, 2022
S.H. Figuarts The Mandalorian Review

Thomas tackles Tamashii Nations‘ new action figure of The Mandalorian – should you be adding it to your collection?

S.H. Figuarts is expanding its Star Wars line with characters from The Mandalorian with more to come this Fall! My latest review focusses on the mysterious title character known as Din Djarin – The Mandalorian.


This figure comes with 9 interchangeable hands, the pulse rifle (and an additional piece to attach it to his back), a blaster, and an additional holster without the blaster in it.


The figure is simply gorgeous! Unlike the Black Series figure, the helmet sits just right on the figure and really feels metallic because of the paint that was used. A soft goods cape also makes all the difference because it allows a better articulation range! And with the Figuarts articulation, you can get better poses! This figure has 30 points of articulation including some POAs for the pieces of armor on the leg and the holster which allows better action poses. It’s something Hasbro should really work on in the future because these small additional POAs on the armor makes all the difference in terms of articulation range. The outfit itself is pretty accurate and has some damaged paints on the armor parts. The pulse rifle is very easy to attach on the back and you have hands that actually can hold it properly. When you change the holster, just be careful, it’s fragile.



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Final Thoughts

It’s the best Mandalorian figure so far in the 6-inch scale!


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