Black Series Review Snowsspeder W/ Dak Ralter (The Empire Strikes Back)

Thomas checks out Hasbro‘s new Black Series Snowspeeder

Hasbro‘s newest Black Series vehicle is the Snowspeeder with Dak Ralter to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back! The last large vehicle they had released was the First Order Tie Fighter in 2015 which was way too expensive. Hasbro learned from its mistakes and this time made a ship much more affordable for collectors!


Let’s start with Dak Ralter, it’s the exact same sculpt as Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot) except they gave him Dak’s face and helmet. This figure has a nice likeness to the character and has pretty good paint apps. It has 22 points of articulation including the 2 extra POAs for the elbows. It comes with a grappling (the one that Luke uses in the movie) and two things that look like EMP grenades that you can put in the cockpit.


As for the Snowspeeder, on one side you can open it and see the inside of the ship. It has retractable landing feet and ailerons. You also have the rear cannon that moves and the grappling gun to use against the AT-ATs. In terms of details, you can also find aurebesh writing on the ship, not sure of the translation though. The exterior of the ship has a dirt effect paint on it which is pretty cool. It is Luke’s Snowspeeder so it doesn’t have the red marks but the gray marks instead. It’s big and they really got every little detail!

As for the cockpit, it has a lot of details especially with the controls panels, all these little buttons! It’s impressive, it’s literally movie accurate! The seat belts are detachable.


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Final Thoughts

For that price, it’s worth it! A great vehicle to add on the Black Series line!


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