December 10, 2022
Avengers vs X-Men

Annlyel dares to imagine the long-awaited confrontation between Marvel’s biggest heroes

I’ve been really into the X-Men movies as of late. No, they are no Marvel Studios films but boy they can be entertaining. One of the reasons why I have become so invested in the storyline of these characters is because I actually really, really like the X-Men. Their powers are cool, their internal struggles can be deep, and together, they make quite the superhero squad.


When it was announced last year that Marvel Studios will indeed reboot the X-Men my intrigue went through the roof. Immediately, especially after watching several X-Men films lately, I began to speculate possible outcomes that could involve the X-Men and the already-established Avengers in fun, exciting ways. However, one thing I really hope Marvel Studios manages to do is to capture the X-Men vs. Avengers clash on the big screen.


In 2016, fans were given a jaw-dropping battle between the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. We got to see friends clash, some seriously awesome superhero interaction, and we got to see Ant-Man become Giant-Man for the first time! It was an incredible experience. When I learned that there was a somewhat similar clash between the X-Men and The Avengers I just knew that at some point Marvel Studios would not dare to miss the opportunity to bring that incredible clash to life on the big screen. But here should be the big difference between The Avengers’ clash in Captain America: Civil War and the X-Men vs. Avengers battle; death.

Review | X-Men: Dark Phoenix

In Captain America: Civil War The Avengers fought but there was no real animosity. Colonel Rhodes/War Machine became a casualty of the skirmish after an occupied Vision (Wanda was in his arms, remember) shot a beam to stop Falcon only to instead hit War Machine in the process. Rhodes would be paralyzed by the accident but wouldn’t die. In fact, many heroes in the MCU didn’t die. That’s why Avengers: Infinity War was so starkly haunting as the movie begins by showing Thanos kill Heimdall, Loki, and he almost manages to kill The Hulk and Thor. And that was all in the first ten minutes of the film!


When the X-Men fight The Avengers there need to be casualties. And it makes perfect sense. Look at the X-Men movies. They can be pretty gritty, with X-Men turning on X-Men and X-Men killing X-Men. It’s riveting stuff. These aren’t The Avengers with their fun personalities and their myriad of jokes. These are the X-Men, mutated humans who consider their abilities at times to be a curse and lead dark lives. Their wars are anything but light and if The Avengers should go to war with them it has to feel like an epic, dark, and sometimes deadly battle that makes the airport fight in Captain America: Civil War look like a scene from Ben Affleck’s Daredevil.

The Best Moment | Captain America: Civil War

As you can see, I’m really excited about the implications of the story in the future and where the arrival of characters like the X-Men can take things.


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