December 4, 2023
S.H. Figuarts Natasha Romanoff - Black Widow Review

Thomas checks out the new Natasha Romanoff figure from Black Widow

Even though the Black Widow solo movie has been delayed until October in Europe (first week of November in the US), like Hasbro, S.H. Figuarts is releasing its figures from the movie. They decided to go with two characters – Natasha Romanoff and the main villain Taskmaster.


For the occasion, Figuarts has decided to change the box creating a Black Widow symbol window and having black & red packaging. The front of the box also features a promotional artwork of the character and a promotional picture of the figure.


Black Widow comes with 12 interchangeable hands, 2 batons, 1 hook baton, 2 guns, 2 interchangeable empty holsters, 2 baton handles for the back. Unlike the two previous Black Widow figures, this one doesn’t come with interchangeable head sculpts. It comes with the usual basic Black Widow headsculpt except it’s a new haircut. So in terms of likeness, it looks very much like Scarlett Johansson!


The big new feature on this Black Widow figure is the firing effect hands for the wrist cannons. It’s pretty cool! You also get a new baton – a hook baton. It’s the first time we get one with Black Widow, I suppose it’s something she’ll use in the movie, the Hasbro Deluxe figure also has it. The normal batons are also slightly different. You get a brand new outfit, I like the colors – black and gold with just a little bit of red. It has the same feature as other Widow figures – removable baton handles for the back and interchangeable holsters.

This figure has 24 points of articulation for great action poses.


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Final Thoughts

Another great Black Widow figure!


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