Thomas checks out the incredible new Hot Toys Hawkeye from Endgame!

Hot Toys is finally starting to release its first batch of Avengers Endgame figures – Rocket, War Machine, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. The box is yellow/gold-ish mirroring Hawkeye/Ronin’s colors in the movie, you can also see the Avenger logo and a promotional drawing of the character. The box for Endgame is basically the same as the Avengers Infinity War boxes.


It comes with a huge amount of accessories, it is actually the first time I’ve seen this many accessories for a figure – even for a Deluxe Version! This Deluxe features the Ronin outfit so you get two different outfits for the price of one figure. It comes with – 12 arrowheads, 4 big arrows, 5 small arrows, an arrow quiver, a Katana sheath, a Katana, 2 shurikens, 2 retracted shurikens, a dagger, a dagger handle, 12 interchangeable hands, 1 Ronin interchangeable head and neck, 2 armor parts for the gauntlets, a bow, a Ronin jacket, a Ronin belt, and a stand. As you can see it is a lot! The Hawkeye stand features his logo mixed with the Avengers logo.

As usual, before opening the figure, read the instruction sheet!


When you display the figure with his bow and an arrow, you can choose from a wide range of arrowheads which one to display! I was so surprised by the amount that was included, and it’s not twelve identical arrowheads, no, every single one is different! I applaud Hot Toys for the commitment! You can see that one is a grappling, another one feels like it’s an arrowhead bomb, the others I don’t know. When you display the arrows, you have to use the big ones, while the small arrows are for the quiver.

So let’s start with Hawkeye. I love the darker look it has compared to his previous costumes, it mirrors Clint’s state of mind in this movie. The black and gold really suit him! It’s a simple design but still features a lot of details and different types of fabrics for the different parts of the costume. I dig the mini crossbow on the arm, it has a badass feel to it!


The bow is using a very thin string so I’m not sure it will stand the trials of time but who knows, we’ll see. I like that it is not a simple bow, it is sophisticated. You can see some small arrows attached to it for extra action. It takes some time to figure out how to pose the figure with the bow and an arrow but once you get it, it is easy peasy.


Now for the headsculpt, just like Black Widow, I have to say it’s the best Hawkeye headsculpt so far! The previous ones were pretty good but this one is one step higher. The Hot Toys team has done an incredible job, congrats to So Young Lee (head sculptor), E-Lee (head painter), and JC. Hong (head painter and head art direction). The team nailed it with the mohawk, on each side, very short hair is carefully sculpted. Every little detail is there!

As for Ronin, it is easy to change the suit if you follow the instruction sheet. This costume has more golden marks on it and is more sophisticated than the Hawkeye costume. I really dig the shoulder pads and the armor parts for the gauntlets, it’s a match with the armor parts for the boots. Instead of the arrow quiver, you can attach the Katana sheath on the back.


The headsculpt at least the eyes is the same from the Hawkeye headsculpt but with a more serious expression. The figure has over 32 points of articulation so you can get the best out of the action poses with this.

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Final Thoughts

It doesn’t get more awesome than this! Hawkeye (Deluxe Version) is the one to get! An awesome figure with plenty, plenty of accessories!


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