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Max shares his top picks for the 2021 “Covid-19 Free” cinematic release calendar

Last year before the COVID-19 outbreak, I prognosticated the box office success of the movies of 2020. I may have put a jinx on cinema as most of the movies I predicted did not air on their original release dates because theaters closed and many of them went straight to streaming platforms. I really shouldn’t tempt fate again but here it goes for 2021!

Note: The salvaged remaining 2020 movies may be delayed again so this list may be inaccurate.

FOTF Movie News | The Latest Buzz From Hollywood

1.) Eternals

The first big movie of the next year is a Marvel movie and it is the 25th in the Marvel cinematic universe (if Black Widow doesn’t get delayed). This is an impressive milestone reached and while it may be an awesome movie; the fact that a former comic book nerd like myself does not really remember the Eternals; I doubt it will break onto The Top 50 List

Is Marvel Studios Giving Us a Repeat of 2014?

2.) Ghostbusters: Afterlife

People sure did love the Ghostbusters in the ’80s. Many now Millenials site it as one of the best movies they saw as a kid. I was never into the franchise but after the horror show soft reboot that debuted in 2016, I think fans are salivating at the mouth for this movie. However, since the original Ghostbusters never broke the Top 50 List, I don’t think this one will either.


3.) Morbius

I’m delighted (and also overwhelmed) to announce that Sony is starting their own Marvel universe with Venom being the flagship starter. Next is Morbius, a Marvel vampire anti-hero from Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery. I remember Morbius since I was obsessed with Spider-Man and since he is a vampire; it might draw in more people than expected. People love vampires (look at Twilight) and who knows; it might be the second Marvel superhero to get a rated R because anything to do with vampires is quite bloody. Literally! However, I think it will not make the Top 50 List.

Morbius 001

4.) F9: The Fast Saga

The highly anticipated Fast and Furious 9 has been moved to the 2021 slate and due to the MASSIVE following it has accumulated; I predict F9 will be that year’s first box office shatterer. It will make the Top 10 highest-grossing movies of all time.

Fast 9

5.) Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

I barely remember Shang-Chi from the Marvel comics and it seems that to retain their throne, Disney is reviving tons of obscure Marvel characters in an attempt to continue making money. However, it doesn’t mean that it will be a bad movie and the spotlight may allow heroes like Eternals and Black Widow and Shang Chi to break out. Also since Shang-Chi is the first Asian lead superhero; maybe this movie will do better than expected. I am 50/50 on whether it makes 50

Shang-Chi and the Legend Of The Ten Rings

6.) Godzilla vs Kong

What’s better than seeing two iconic monsters beating the stuffing out of each other. Nothing in my book! This movie was also delayed a year because of COVID, and while it will not make The Top 50; I’m definitely seeing it!

Godzilla Vs. Kong

7.) Cruella

Another live-Action Disney movie! Emma Stone is the titular character. Wow. Everyone seems to get a movie. Does not break onto the list


8.) Jurassic World: Dominion

I am SUPER excited for the final installment in the Jurassic World Series. 1 and 2 were ok but I just love dinosaurs and I loved the original trilogy. It definitely breaks onto the List and may briefly break the Top 10 for a few months

Jurassic World: Dominion | New Behind-The-Scenes Photos Revealed

9.) Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom always held a special place in my heart but the first movie did disappointingly for a character of that magnitude. It only grossed 800,000,000 and to get on the Top 50 List you need to draw in at least 950,000,000. Woody Harrelson returns as Carnage so perhaps this movie will draw in more die-hard fans  I think it gets onto the list

It's Official | Andy Serkis Will Direct Venom 2

10.) Minions: The Rise of Gru

The Despicable Me franchise shocked the world by how well it did and several movies have broken the box office. This one is Gru’s backstory so I assume it will do well. It makes the list


11.) The Suicide Squad

A Sequel to the similarly named Suicide Squad movie; I think it is worth watching but DC rarely does well compared to the Marvel juggernaut so I don’t think it will make the list. The first one didn’t

'The Suicide Squad' | New Logos Revealed

12.) Hotel Transylvania 4

Like Despicable Me, this franchise did very well with the young moviegoers, so it has potential.


13.) The Batman

Since Star Wars is taking a long break, The Batman will take its place as the movie of the year for me. Batman is my favorite superhero and pretty boy Robert Pattinson is playing the titular character. I approve of this casting and can’t wait to see how this does. If it is a good movie, it really could make The Top 10 List. Unfortunately, we might have to hold our breath for the Joker.

The Batman

14.) Untitled Spider-Man Far From Home Sequel

This movie doesn’t even have an official title yet but it’s Spider-Man so it is bound to draw in crowds. I am NOT a Tom Holland fan (Spidey will always be Toby McGuire) but many kids who love the Web-head feel differently than me. This movie comes out on the holidays of 2021, so it might generate enough momentum to be a big hit and I think it will make it on the list


Those are my prognostications for movies of 2021. Did I miss any? Once the movies resume; it will be frequently updated.

What are your top predictions for 2021? Drop us a line and share your thoughts with us.


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