February 7, 2023
Avengers Infinity War 005

Max explores the diferences between Hollywood reality and REAL WORLD reality

Even though I am a little tired of the Super-hero subgenre of Sci-fi, I do like a movie with tons of action and special effects and the Avengers movies do not disappoint in that department. For me, Thanos is a very boring villain BUT he said something that will resonate in me forever. He said, “Reality is often disappointing”.


While incredibly astute for living in the real world; I honestly don’t know what else he could want. He lives in a world where you can travel across the galaxy and snap your fingers with a special gauntlet and wipe out half the universe. Also, there are hundreds of ways to get cool superpowers and there are lasers, flying suits, wormholes, spaceships, Magic, time travel; COME on. I don’t think Thanos is speaking about his life or even his universe. He is breaking the fourth wall to speak to us. The reality of 2020 Earth IS very disappointing. Look around and you shall see. We don’t have flying cars (though we recently made great progress in that field), people don’t fly around in jet packs, planes can’t fly to San Francisco from NY in 45 minutes, we don’t have laser guns or Iron Man armor. Robots are not everywhere. We can’t cure certain diseases. We can’t control the weather and stop natural disasters. We can’t teleport or move faster than light. We can’t freeze people who are terminally ill and then resuscitate and cure them in the future. We can’t get superpowers from radiation. We get something else called cancer. Maybe you’ve heard of it. The point is, all the books that predicted the wonderful marvels of the future – never came true.


We were promised amazing things and in reality, we can’t even make a vaccine for a Coronavirus. All the stuff I want that entranced me in sci-fi and fantasy is nowhere near close to becoming reality. I wanna fly to new stars, instantly replicate any food, have sex with Taylor Swift in VR and maybe fly around like Superman. Screw you, future. You have forsaken us. Thanos was absolutely right. Reality is disappointing as science has limits and we cannot get any of the cool things sci-fi promised us.


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