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The success of ForceFest 2020 leads to a weekly Star Wars Saturday extravaganza!

So successful was ForceFest 2020, that not only did they raise over $3,000 US for the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, surpassing their goal, but they have also begun selling merchandise from it through December 31, 2020 (the proceeds from which are also going back to Make-a-Wish). As if that was not good enough, the platform on which the event was held, GetVokl, is now extending an open invitation to any Star Wars podcaster/YouTuber to host their show every Saturday using the tag #StarWarsSaturday. This means that any Star Wars related podcast or YouTube show, regardless of whether or not they participated in ForceFest2020 or are using this to launch their first show, can be part of what is expected to be an incredibly fun weekly Star Wars event.


The way this event will work is by participants going to GetVokl and signing up for a free account, then scheduling the show for whatever time works best for them on Saturday. From there it’s simply a matter of including #StarWarsSaturdays in the tag and the show will be highlighted/included in the line up of shows for the day. In the event the show cannot go on for a given week, that is no problem. Simply because you have been part of this event one or more weeks prior, it is no commitment to do so every week. Even if your scheduled show needs to be canceled last minute, there is no need to notify anyone else outside your podcast/YouTube group unless you wish to via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platform. Should the need to cancel last minute or otherwise occur, simply go to your channel and remove your show from its scheduled time.

For those curious, even if two or more shows happen to overlap, they can be viewed later either by going to the show’s channel and clicking the ‘Past Shows’ tab or directly on their YouTube/Facebook channel should they choose to stream it there as well. It’s all up to the individual show. While the event is being promoted as more freeform and each show can go for as long or short as the host(s) wants, the ideal length is slated to be set at around 25-35 minutes each to allow room for as many shows throughout the day as possible without too many overlapping.

While this Saturday, September 12, is the inaugural event for #StarWarsSaturdays, it is something which the platform is thrilled by and hopes to continue for a long time to come. In the words of one of the volunteers from GetVokl, “So many talented creators have GetVokl accounts now, it’s never been easier for a bunch of like-minded folks to try out being part of an official Vokl content block”.

Even if you don’t attend as part of a YouTube/Podcast show, like with ForceFest before, #StarWarsSaturdays is free and open to all who wish to attend. As such, everyone at GetVokl and every participating Star Wars show hopes to see you there as part of the first event and going forward.

For the most up-to-date information on #StarWarsSaturdays, such as who is participating and when please (continue) to follow The Future of the Force.


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