Javicia Leslie Cast as The New Batwoman

The predominant mystery will revolve around what happened to Kate Kane

DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse is now open for business and one of the major panels available to stream is the Batwoman Panel.  Throughout the panel, that cast had the chance to share their thoughts about the debut season before we were introduced to the new Batwoman – Javicia Leslie.

Javicia Leslie - Batwoman

Leslie’s excitement is infectious and she was eager to share her enthusiasm for season 2. After reading the character description, Leslie immediately identified with Ryan Wilder and was delighted to see so many parallels between the character and herself. Her love for the action genre attracted her to the role and her background in Muay Thai made her appointment a match made in heaven. Her introduction was crowned by her pride at becoming the first-ever black Batwoman – and she admitted that she was fulfilling a childhood dream by taking on the role.


As the discussion eventually turned to Season 2, the cast revealed that there will be two main mysteries behind the plot of the new series. The first will focus on the mystery of what happened to Kate Kane. It appears that every character will formulate their own hypothesis as to her whereabouts, and that will be the driving force behind the second season.


The second half of the mystery revolves around how the remaining existing characters adapt to Ryan Wilder assuming the mantle of Batwoman. Wilder represents the overlooked denizens of Gotham City – and her persona is going to ruffle a few feathers. The cast also revealed that the change of Batwoman will have widespread implications for the remaining cast.  Every one of the cast will be forced to overcome some major challenges in season two – and Luke especially will be forced to face his feeling about someone new infiltrating the BATCAVE.

Finally, Javicia touched upon what we can expect from the new Batsuit in season two and although they haven’t gotten around to costume fittings, she did reveal that her version of the costume will evolve to reflect Ryan Wilder’s character early in the season.

Exciting times in Gotham City. Batwoman (minus Kate Kane) will return in 2021.


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