Yoda: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge

The galaxy’s greatest protocol droid returns to join R2-D2 and Master Yoda in ILMxLAB’s newest adventure

Hold onto your butts. The galaxy’s greatest protocol droid is about to strike back!

ILMxLAB has confirmed that none other than C-3PO himself, the legendary Anthony Daniels will reprise his iconic role in Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, the new VR experience from ILMxLAB coming to Oculus this Christmas.

Here’s the official line:

September 16, 2020 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Today, Jose Perez III, Director of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, revealed new casting and character details for the upcoming virtual reality experience during Facebook Connect.

As featured in the new teaser trailer that debuted in the keynote, Anthony Daniels, who has portrayed C-3PO in every Star Wars saga film, will reprise his iconic role in virtual reality for the first time. The studio also announced that Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge will be available on Oculus Quest this holiday season.

“Along with the joy of working with the super-talented team at ILMxLAB, I am so thrilled to bring C-3PO to life again in this fascinating dimension,” said Anthony Daniels, C-3PO. “I love it that fans will actually be able to be a part of his perilous adventures, standing beside him, on the distant planet of Batuu. It may be virtual reality, but believe me, reality will quickly take over as players personally interact with C-3PO right in the middle of the action. I hope fans will be as amazed as I am.”

If that isn’t enough to have you dancing around like a Tusken Raider at a Bantha Banquet – ILMxLAB also unveiled the awesome new teaser trailer which you can watch below:

Perez also announced that fans will come face-to-face with Master Yoda in one of Seezelslak’s legendary tales, which will transport players to different eras in the Star Wars galaxy.

“At ILMxLAB, we have been hard at work, crafting tales, and expanding the world of Black Spire Outpost, which was created by our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering,” said Perez. “Fans will be able to explore the wilds of Batuu and live out a lighthearted Star Wars experience that will continue to evolve over time. There’s something really special about standing face to face with iconic characters like C-3PO and Yoda, and we can’t wait for our fans to step into Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge this holiday season.”

In Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, fans play a droid repair technician who crash lands on Batuu after a pirate attack. In typical Star Wars fashion, they’ll get swept up in a grand adventure on the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost. Players can hang out with Seezelslak (Bobby Moynihan) in his cantina and experience his legendary tales. They will also receive important missions to complete in the wilds of Batuu, encountering new and iconic characters along the way, like the pirate Tara Rashin (Debra Wilson) and C-3PO (Anthony Daniels).

Announced earlier this year, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge will launch this holiday season on Oculus Quest. Other details about specific release timing and pricing will be announced at a later date.

This is wonderful news. The galaxy far, far away just isn’t the same without the legendary vocals of Anthony Daniels – and fans can rest easy knowing that C-3PO will be on hand to escort us through the adventures in Galaxy’s Edge.


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