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Feast your eyes on the glorious new trailer for Marvel‘s debut Disney + series

Just when we thought we’d never get the chance to catch the hotly anticipated trailer for Marvel’s debut Disney+ series, overnight the studio dropped the very first trailer for ‘WandaVision‘.


In what can only be described as an old school sitcom, Wanda Maximoff and her doomed lover Vision are transported into the realm of nineteen-fifties life – but not everything is at it seems. Check it out:

And if that isn’t enough to have you charging into the battlefield to take on Thanos, the studio also unveiled the stunningly colorful new poster for the series which you can enjoy below:

WandaVision Poster

Thankfully, the series is still expected to premiere on Disney+ this winter and is presumed to be dropping sometime in December. Therefore, just as the awesomeness of The Mandalorian season 2 comes to a close – the magic of the MCU arrives to save the day. It should keep us all entertained on those cold winter nights!


Thank you Disney+.


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