February 7, 2023

Butcher is on the warpath in the final teaser for The Boys Season 2

After last week’s stellar penultimate episode, the season finale of The Boys Season 2 promises to change the game this Friday and the latest teaser has delivered a taste of what we can expect to see. With Stormfront and Homelander now firmly cemented as the series’ new power couple – can Butcher and the gang overthrow the supe’s and the endless propaganda oozing from Vought Tower?

If you were hoping to go in clean without the slightest hint of the awesomeness that awaits you – look away now. If not, press play and allow the Compound V to flow through you.

Still with me? Awesome!

So let’s recap this sucker! Interestingly, the promo begins with Hughie saying “We can’t just kill everyone,” before Butcher replies “That is exactly what we’re going to do.”. If this awesome series has demonstrated anything it’s that Butcher does what Butcher wants – and he isn’t about to let anybody stand in his way. Especially Homelander.

The Boys Season 2 001

Fresh off the back of last week’s revelation that Starlight had been outed as a traitor, this week appears to show A-Train turning tricks and joining Hughie and Annie’s quest to dethrone Stormfront and expel her from Vought Tower once and for all.  From what we have seen from the season so far, all roads appear to be leading to the former Nazi war criminal which promises to deliver the mother of all confrontations.


Moving on and we see a distraught Becca being reunited with Billy Butcher who is sure to go to the end of the earth to help his beloved wife reclaim her halfbreed supe son, Ryan. After Homelander and Stormfront extracted Ryan from the care of his devoted mother, Becca is sure to be on the warpath this week – and what better instrument to bring to bear on the duo than her vengeful husband?


And finally, there’s the mystery of the murderous assassin who enjoys nothing more than exploding the heads of his/her victims. Who is this mystery attacker? And what is their goal in attacking congress (a blatant stab at Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice) and murdering so many people. All will be revealed this Friday.

What are you hoping to see in The Boys Season 2 finale? Drop us a line and share your thoughts.

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