August 15, 2022

Warner Bros. moves the spice into the Caped Crusader’s release slot

As previously reported, Warner Bros. has moved Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming blockbuster ‘Dune‘ to a new release date. The visually stunning sci-fi flick has been moved from December 18, 2020, and is now set to let the spice flow in multiplexes on October 1, 2021.


On any ordinary day, this news would be noteworthy enough – however, when you add the fact that the new release date just so happens to be the same as Matt Reeves’ The Batman‘ – we take notice!

Production on The Batman has been hampered by a series of COVID-19 related delays – most recently with star Robert Pattinson being diagnosed with Coronavirus symptoms.  And at DC FanDome, Reeves confirmed that the movie was a little over twenty-five percent finished and well behind schedule meaning that the movie is now unlikely to meet its intended release date.


Warner Bros. moving Dune to the same release date as The Batman essentially hammers home the fact that Matt Reeves’ movie is next to be cast onto the release date reshuffle merry-go-round. Warner Bros. is highly unlikely to release two of its tentpole movies in direct competition with one another – so one will inevitably have to flinch; and with its well-documented problems, The Batman is the safe bet.

All eyes are now on Wonder Woman 1984. Patty Jenkins’ upcoming DC sequel is the last big blockbuster of 2020, but with cinema chains around the world opting to close their doors until the pandemic shows signs of relenting – it would be financial suicide for Warner Bros. to release Gal Gadot’s next stint as Diana Prince.

As always, we will bring you news of any changes as soon as they happen so keep it real, and keep it Future of the Force!


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