December 8, 2022

Bandai’s God of Mischief is a BIG MISS!!

S.H. Figuarts‘ latest release is another figure from their Avengers Endgame line, it’s also part of the Avengers (1) line! This time it’s Loki. Like most of this line, this figure is a Bandai Web Premium exclusive!

This figure comes with 3 interchangeable faces, Loki’s helmet, another piece of hair for the helmet, two Scepters, handcuffs, the Tesseract, and 8 interchangeable hands. I appreciate all the accessories included, they did a good job with the Scepters, nicely sculpted and painted!

This is Figuarts’ first Loki figure, so I had big hopes for it but I can’t say I’m impressed by it at least when it comes to the head sculpts. The first face or as I call it the “basic” one is completely off – eyes and nose are so strangely painted and sculpted, it feels like they are misplaced. From the sides, it looks good but if you look at it from the front, it is horrible! The second headsculpt with the mouth shackle does look better but there is definitely something off, though not as disastrous as the basic one. Finally, the third headsculpt is so creepy, it is a smiling one with an open mouth, I’m not sure what they tried to do here but it is awful! They made 3 faces and none of them are good, when you pay the price of an exclusive, you expect better than this! It doesn’t feel like a Figuarts figure but more like an old MAFEX figure!

At least, the body is great. They did nail it with the outfit, it is beautifully done with a lot of details on the armor parts! And they gave him a fabric cape that doesn’t feel awful like some of their first soft goods. The helmet is also nicely sculpted! The gold paint is just perfect! It has some great articulation range with 26 points of articulation!

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Let’s face it, this first Loki figure is a big miss. The body is great, I have no complaints about it, the problem is the faces, they are awful! I didn’t expect this from Figuarts! Do better next time!


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