Thomas gets hands-on with Hasbro’s new ‘Evolution Of Groot‘ set

Despite no new MCU movie being released in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Hasbro still managed to release a few figures from the acclaimed cinematic universe. Among them the re-issue of the Groot evolution as a shared exclusive.

This is technically a 3 figure set – it includes Baby Groot in his pot, Baby Groot and Adult Groot. Only the last one is articulated. The two Baby Groot figures are tiny non-articulated figures with very little detail but still very cool to get, because who doesn’t love Baby Groot?

Adult Groot is quite the beast. It’s the tallest MCU figure I’ve seen so far (for the record, I don’t own a Hulkbuster 6inch figure so I can’t comment on that). Compared to the S.H. Figuarts Thanos and ML Hela, you can see the difference! Hasbro respected the scale! And because he is that tall, you have to assemble the right and left shin to the rest of the figure when you open it because otherwise, he wouldn’t fit in the package. This one was originally a Build-A-Figure when the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was released!

This figure has 18 points of articulation so you can get some great poses.

You can see cheap plastic was used for this figure compared to some other Marvel Legends figures but it is not the first time Hasbro has done this. Nevertheless, they managed to sculpt something beautiful. With a character like Groot that is basically a tree there is a lot to sculpt! In terms of paint, they did something good as well and even used a little bit of green like it is in the movie. However, I prefer the brown they used for the S.H. Figuarts version (which was never released but showed at events), it felt more like “wood” while this one feels more like it’s been painted on “plastic.” Once again, I think it’s just a little detail as Figuarts and Marvel Legends are not in the same price range.

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This 3 figure set is great for Groot fans, it has its flaws but still remains a very enjoyable figure!


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