Marvel Legends Review | Hela and Skurge (Thor Ragnarok)

Thomas returns to Asgard to review the awesome new Hela and Skurge double-pack from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends collection

Hela was first released on a single card as part of the Thor Ragnarok wave, since then she has become an extremely rare figure but Hasbro has given her a second release and this time with more accessories and Skurge to go with her!

Marvel Legends Review | Hela and Skurge (Thor Ragnarok)

Hela doesn’t come with 2 interchangeable heads but 3, yes 3 heads! It doesn’t get any better than this, right? Well, she also comes with an interchangeable hand to recreate the classic scene of the Mjolnir’s end! There is an eternal flame accessory effect as well. The two helmetless head sculpts are totally Cate Blanchett-like, it’s an amazing job, S.H. Figuarts quality! They really captured the facial expressions she has in the movie! As for the helmet version, it’s also a great sculpt with an angry facial expression, the one she has during the flashback scene against the Valkyries!

Marvel Legends Review | Hela and Skurge (Thor Ragnarok)

Her outfit is nicely detailed and sculpted with different plastic textures to recreate in the best way her outfit. The cape is removable to recreate different scenes of the movie.

She has 19 points of articulation.

Marvel Legends Review | Hela and Skurge (Thor Ragnarok)

Skurge comes with his axe, two interchangeable hands and obviously if you make a Skurge figure you have to include his two guns, it’s a classic!

The head sculpt is excellent recreation of Karl Urban face, well done!

Marvel Legends Review | Hela and Skurge (Thor Ragnarok)

The armor is screen accurate and has been sculpted with great care of details and Hasbro has used blue paint that has a steel look, unlike the paints they use for their Iron Man figures.

This figure has 23 points of articulation.


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Final Thoughts:

This is the best 2-pack Hasbro has done so far with some of the best head sculpts since the beginning of Marvel Legends!


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