S.H Figuarts Review | Thanos (Avengers Endgame)

The Avengers Endgame version of the Mad Titan debuts in the Tamashii Nations Figuarts range

The Mad Titan who menaces humanity most powerful heroes joins S.H.Figuarts, featuring his appearance from the film Avengers Endgame. He has been sculpted in a distinctively larger size so that you can feel his power in comparison to standard-sized characters.

Thanos is the third figure of the first S.H. Figuarts wave for Avengers Endgame. I was surprised by how huge the box for this figure was. We all know that Figuarts tends to make smaller figures but this one is as big as it should be!

Thanos comes with 6 interchangeable hands, 3 interchangeable faces and the blade. Like for Black Widow, I will say that I’m disappointed Figuarts used the interchangeable faces instead of the interchangeable heads. Another problem with having interchangeable faces here, you don’t have a helmetless head while in the movie, there are lots of scenes with Thanos without his helmet. If you have the Avengers Infinity War Thanos, the head fits on this new figure.

S.H Figuarts Review | Thanos (Avengers Endgame)

The three faces are amazing and they’re not just faces with the eyes looking in another direction, it’s three different facial expressions, Figuarts totally nailed this!

Thanos has 26 points of articulation with an extra point of articulation on each wrist! The paint used for the armor has a golden effect which gives beautiful results! The armor itself is screen accurate and nicely detailed. What’s missing here though is an arm without the Infinity Gauntlet as in Endgame, he doesn’t have this gauntlet when he has this armor. It would be my sole complaint about the body of the figure.

Up Close:

Final Thoughts

Overall, Thanos is an incredible figure and is quite imposing, though I do have small complaints about it – the faces and the Gauntlet.


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