September 22, 2023
Star Wars | 3 Movies Being Released Starting in 2022

Max takes a retrospective look back at the last seven years in the galaxy far, far away…

Years ago, I maintained a blog on Comicvine and my main focus was (of course) about Star Wars. I was active on the blog starting right around the time Disney bought Star Wars and in 2014, shortly after the Legends purge; tried to be strong and admit the erasure was for the best. I did, however, made a list of things that I would miss from Legends. To my happy surprise, some of the things I thought were gone forever actually DID make their way into canon in some form or another. Here is the original list.

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Things that will be missed.

1. The Solo kids/Ben Skywalker

2. Mara Jade Skywalker

3. Grand Admiral Thrawn

4. The Yuuzhan Vong

5. The Darth Bane trilogy

6. The entire Darth Plagueis novel

7. Vader’s culling of Jedi.


9. All the young readers written by Jude Watson.

10. Red Harvest

11. The origins of the Sith.

12. The mystique of the Celestials.


14. Human Replica Droids-especially Guri 😉

15. Arkanian dragons

16. The mysterious force power Kinetite.

Working backward, Number 16 came back. Kinetite exists in canon. Number 15 was introduced in the Thrawn books. Celestials were briefly mentioned by Lando. We don’t know much about them like we did in Legends. The Origins of the Sith have been explored somewhat. The theme of Red Harvest is back. The zombie virus makes an appearance in a canon Star Wars mobile game. Vader’s culling of Jedi is a major theme in the canon Vader comics. Thrawn is a “new” major character. Darth Revan gets a mention in The Rise of Skywalker Visual Guide. Anyway, so it looks like the Story Group made it up to us. Let’s look at what’s left.

The first entry on the list is my missing of the Solo kids. Well, while Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo will probably never return – we do have Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren and his first name is also the name of Luke Skywalker‘s Legends son. Darth Bane exists in Star Wars so he may get a Canon series someday and the adventures Jude Watson penned are semi-covered with Master and Apprentice. The Vong were supposed to appear and now have a watered-down version known as the Grysk. So the only stuff we don’t have are Mara Jade, Marla Ragno, and Human Replica Droids. Post-2020, Marka, and HRD’s could easily appear. What is left is Mara Jade. She may be the only casualty of Legends.

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