Mando Mondays Week 2 delivers another wave of awesome Mando inspired merch!

After immersing ourselves in the glorious bounty of merchandise revealed last week for Mando Mondays – all eyes were on for the latest deluge of delights revealed for week 2 – and we are not to be disappointed.

So without further ado, let’s raid Cobb Vanth‘s larder and explore the newest reveals!

The Mandalorian Bear + Online Exclusive Pram by Build-A-Bear

This adorable take on the Mandalorian and a plush version of the hover pram by Build-A-Bear makes for a unique (and fuzzy) addition to any Star Wars collection.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection – The Mandalorian Figure by Hasbro

The titular hero of The Mandalorian gets a brand-new release in Hasbro’s classic 3.75-inch line, loaded with articulation and accessories, and cool retro packaging.

Nerf Star Wars: The Mandalorian Imperial Death Trooper Blaster by Hasbro

More a fan of the Empire than Mando? Pick up this super-cool Nerf take on the weapon of the baddest stormtroopers around.

1/4 Scale The Mandalorian Figure by Hot Toys

The masters at Hot Toys bring the Mandalorian to life with incredible detail, including beautifully crafted helmet and armor pieces with weathering effects, finely tailored undersuit, a jetpack, a range of weapons and accessories, as well as a Mandalorian-themed stand that allows for display with the Hot Toys The Child figure.

The Child 3D Pin by shopDisney

Add some Mando flair to your outfit with this stylish The Child pin.

And if that isn’t enough to have you dancing around like a Jawa with a Mudhorn Egg, Kuiil will join the Mandalorian’s squad in the fan-favorite strategy game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

How awesome is this? And the fun doesn’t end there. EVERY SINGLE WEEK more Mando merchandise will be revealed so be sure to stay tuned to Future of the Force for the latest updates as they emerge.

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