The Scout Predator is given an upgrade with an all-new body loaded with articulation!

NECA ToysPredator collection continues to go from strength to strength with the Scout Predator Ultimate 7″ Scale Figure from Predator 2.  The ultimate hunter has been given an upgrade with an all-new body loaded with articulation. The figure boasts interchangeable hands, masked and unmasked portraits, smart discs, a blaster rifle, blast effects, and more.

Here’s the official line:

Predator 2 expanded the universe that the original film touched upon, introducing us to new yautja such as the City Hunter and more importantly, the Lost Tribe that appeared at the end of the film. 30 years after its release, NECA is celebrating Predator 2’s anniversary with the return of each Lost Tribe Predator in Ultimate form.

The Scout Predator is given an upgrade with an all-new body loaded with articulation, an assortment of interchangeable hands, and two heads, one of which is a brand new unmasked head. Other accessories include open & closed disc weapons, blast effect, a long-range blaster rifle, and a collapsed version that doubles as a backpack.

Window box packaging complete with artwork from Dark Horse comics artist Tristan Jones.

Once again, NECA appears to have outdone themselves and have produced another cutting-edge action figure on par with the best producers in the world.

This incredibly detailed Predator figure will set you back $34.99 and is expected to hit the shelves near the end of the month. The figure is available now from the NECA eBay Store and the NECA Amazon Store.

Happy hunting!


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