The Predator | The Final Trailer is Bloody, Deliciously Violent and Absolutely Awesome!

Dan Trachtenberg has been tasked with bringing the Predator back to the big screen

If it bleeds, we can kill it…again!

In what will come as a total surprise, Dan Trachtenberg – the visionary director behind 10 Cloverfield Lane has been working on a top-secret Predator movie for over FOUR YEARS! After the news reached us that Deadpool 3 had been been given the green light at Marvel Studios, word quickly emerged that Disney is moving forward with another Predator movie.

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The Predator (Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

However, it appears that someone spoiled the surprise. Trachtenberg took to social media to confirm the news and lamented the fact that someone screwed the pooch with the botched reveal!

Sorry, Dan but the cat’s out of the bag now. Thankfully, with Disney now owning 20th Century Studios – fans of the franchise can rest easy knowing that Fox’s ceaseless tampering will play no part in Trachtenberg’s long-gestating sequel. Shane Black’s The Predator had a noteworthy screenplay in hand until Fox stepped in and “franchised” the plot until very little was left of his original vision.

The Predator - 001
The Predator (Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

Let’s just hope that Trachtenberg’s sequel can deliver on the legacy of the stunning original, its criminally underrated sequel, and Nimrod Antal’s stellar third outing.  Say what you will about Shane Black’s sequel, but I will be first in line to immerse myself in some traditional Predator bloodletting when Trachtenberg’s sequel hits multiplexes.

The hunt is back on!!


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