December 10, 2022

Max continues our “Countdown to Christmas” season with Will Ferrel’s Elf

My all-time favorite Christmas movie is Elf starring Will Ferrel as the titular character Buddy the Elf. It is a heart-warming tale where Buddy who is human and doesn’t fit in with the other elves decides to find his real father. With Santa’s blessing; he travels to New York City to find his grumpy and unhappy father and try to become part of his family and “redeem” him as he is on the Naughty List.


Besides being hilarious; it is heartwarming and shows that family and love are more important than jobs and money and if we all believed a little more in Christmas magic; we would be happier and more successful as human beings.


My aunt still thinks this is my favorite movie and while it is not; it is my favorite thing to watch during the Christmas season.

Which festive flicks make your list? Leave a comment and share in the festive fun!


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