Darcie continues our “Countdown to Christmas” season with Arthur Christmas

My all-time favorite Christmas film is Arthur Christmas. The first time I watched this film at the cinema I fell in love with it. Arthur Christmas follows the Santa family on Christmas eve. The story revolves around an undelivered present that Arthur (voiced by James McAvoy) is desperate to deliver despite not being Father Christmas (his father) or the next in line (his brother Steve).

Arthur Christmas

The narrative is unique and enjoyable. It is also hilarious, in one scene Arthur sings Silent Night to a pride of lions, in another the elf’s cancel Christmas. Then there are Grand Santa’s outdated views which manage to be hilarious yet not offensive. Arthur is adorable, he is a compelling character that believes in the magic of Christmas.

Arthur Christmas

This is a great festive watch that is bound to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Which festive flicks get you in the mood for Christmas? Leave us a comment and join in the festive fun.


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