From timepieces to t-shirts,  check out this awesome haul of Mando Mondays goodies!

Although this week’s installment of Mando Mondays has kicked off in a far more reserved mood than usual, there is still a ton of Mando awesomeness on show. This Mando Monday delivers elegant timepieces from Invicta, a sweet line of Loungefly bags inspired by The Child, and much more!

So, activate your tracking fobs and join us as we unpack’s Camtono full of goodies…

Fourth Class Droid Print from Acme Archives

He may be a fourth class droid, but IG-11 is a first-class caretaker for The Child, seen here strapped to the droid’s chest in an all-new, limited-edition print.

Moff Gideon T-Shirt by Fifth Sun

Fans of the Imperial regime have a new catchphrase thanks to Moff Gideon. “Long live the Empire.”

The Mandalorian (Target Exclusive Version) by Funko

We’re seeing red. The Mandalorian’s shiny armor gets a special finish for a Target exclusive bobblehead.

Invicta Mando Mondays Watch

The Mandalorian Watches from Invicta

This is the way…to tell time. Mando’s beskar helmet, the mythosaur skull symbol, and the Armorer bring sophistication and joy to this new line of timepieces.

The Child Bags and Accessories by Loungefly

Exciting times in the galaxy far, far away. How many of these awesome items will be under your Christmas tree this year? Leave us a comment.

This is the way.


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