Ashley Eckstein on Ahsoka Tano

“It’s my wish that Ahsoka continues to bring people joy, light, and most importantly hope. This is the way of Ahsoka Tano”

Within hours of the debut of Rosario Dawson’s incarnation of Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian Chapter 13 – The Jedi, Ashley Eckstein has taken to social media to share her thoughts on all things Tano. The heart and soul of Team Tano thanked the fans for their love and support and shared her excitement for the expansion of Ahsoka’s legacy.

Within hours of Ashley’s post going live, her live-action counterpart Rosario Dawson responded in kind and couldn’t hide her excitement at joining Team Tano!

Against all the odds, Rosario Dawson stepped in to bring our beloved Togruta to life and delivered a performance worthy of Ahsoka’s legacy. We can only hope that this will be the springboard to bigger and better things for Ahsoka – and Rosario Dawson is given the chance to bring her back to the screen in the future.

This is the way of Ahsoka Tano.


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