Lucasfilm to Commemorate 50th Anniversary in 2021

It’s Lucasfilm‘s birthday. Get ready to celebrate like a Wookiee on Life Day!

Time flys when you’re having fun – especially when you’re aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Next year, Lucasfilm celebrates its 50th Anniversary, and to commemorate the occasion the studio plans to unleash a slew of fan-favorite 50th anniversary Star Wars products on the fans. The launch has been confirmed to be kicking off in January and is expected to continue throughout the year with some seriously cool special edition product releases.

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Here’s the official line:

“Consumer products have always been an integral part of the Star Wars fan experience, and they remain a constant force in pop-culture today,” says Paul Southern, Lucasfilm senior vice president, Licensing and Franchise. “To commemorate Lucasfilm’s 50 years of storytelling, we look forward to honoring this consumer products legacy and bringing to life brand-new products, games, and publishing offerings that celebrate our future with Lucasfilm’s exciting feature films and Disney+ series ahead.”

Happy Birthday George Lucas

Lucasfilm was founded in 1971 by George Lucas. Films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones took the world by storm and revolutionized visual effects, sound design, animation, and other groundbreaking filmmaking techniques. The artists and technicians of Lucasfilm have never stopped innovating and continue to influence the film industry today.

Exciting times ahead for the fantastic team at Lucasfilm. Congratulations Lucasfilm, and thank you for so many wonderful memories. We cannot wait to share the ride and celebrate like a Wookiee on Life Day!


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  1. I can’t wait for next year for Lucasfilm to be 50 years old. That’s going to be frickin AWESOME!! I’m a HUGE fan of Lucasfilm.

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