October 2, 2022

Three incredible new Mars Attacks ReAction Figures are now available to order from Super7.

Three suitably gratifying new Mars Attacks ReAction figures are now available from Super7. The 3.75″ scale figures are based on the classic trading cards that inspired the hit Tim Burton film. The three figures include a Martian, a Martian destroying a dog, and a human with burning flesh.

Mars Attacks ReAction figures
Mars Attacks ReAction figures
Here’s the official word:

Based on the controversial 1962 trading card series, these Martian ReAction Figures hearken back to the story considered so shocking it got the cards pulled from the shelves!

This wave includes two versions of the Martian with different facial expressions and arm positions, so you can recreate the iconic moments featured in the trading cards!

These ReAction Figures are your chance to reclaim a piece of the forbidden fruit that is Mars Attacks!

You can orders yours here.

Happy hunting.


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