December 3, 2022
Mr Spock's Little Book Of Mindfulness

“Star Trek: Mr. Spock’s Little Book Of Mindfulness now sits proudly on my bookshelf where it will live long and prosper. And that really is totally logical.”

It is the biggest Star Trek of all-time. Can we gain Mr. Spock’s mindfulness and use it in our everyday lives?

I enjoy quirky little books. Ones that are related to a certain franchise but are designed to make the reader have a decent chuckle or belly laugh at the absurdity the book contains. Many are written with tongues planted firmly in cheek. I’m speaking of the books such as learning how to fight like James T. Kirk. How to survive being eaten by Ewoks and such others in that vein. Now, you can add ‘Mr. Spock’s Little Book Of Mindfulness‘ to that list. Here we have a nice and at times, quite funny little book that will entertain and will raise at the very least, a smile or two.

Mr. Spock’s Little Book Of Mindfulness | by Glenn Dakin

Star Trek - Mr. Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness Cover

How is the best way to describe the book? To put it in quite simple terms, it is a collection of everyday events and dilemmas but seen from the Vulcan perspective. Its main objective is to help human beings survive in an illogical world. You get the gist of where this is going! Lost your cellular phone? Why do humans always despair over lost things they do not need? Suffering from road rage? Why despair over things and events you cannot control? Keep your emotions buried deep inside you, never let them surface and you will be at peace with yourself and the world entire.

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Why do humans collect items that they do not need? How and why do we depend on computers so much? Why do we shed tears for people who have moved on to a different plane of existence while their spirit lives on? It is not logical for humans to do this. Everything that makes us human, from our emotions to our needs and wants is studied here with a Vulcan’s eye. And believe me, when I say that a large chunk of what is written in the book is highly amusing. It also makes us think. Why do we covet things that we don’t really need? Why do we allow our emotions to take over and dictate our actions?

Star Trek - Mr. Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness

The answer is because that is what makes us all human! But it is interesting to see ourselves from a different point of view or how someone else COULD potentially view us. It is highly enjoyable and humorous to be judged this way by Mr. Spock. This is him at his most logical, casting an emotionless eye over humanity and all its traits and failings. Glenn Dakin has done an incredible job with it. His writings amuse and illustrate exactly how our favorite Vulcan sees us and our everyday lives. You could actually believe that Spock himself was behind the book and its logic.


Accentuating the writing in the book are hand-drawn illustrations that fit the text to perfection. Where else would you have a good chuckle at Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock posing for a selfie on some distant planet with differing looks on their faces? Kirk with a huge grin, Spock with a look of non-emotion. Classic! Or Spock standing up to deliver his wisdom with a custard pie in his face? Or Spock holding a phaser on a Gorn but having it set on stun as to not hurt him too much? These are just a few of the wonderful illustrations that go hand in hand with the words on the pages.

Star Trek - Mr. Spock's Little Book of Mindfulness


All in all, this is a book worthy of checking out and enjoying. It is suitable for all ages and Trek fans and non-fans alike. It gives the reader some great belly laughs along the way and will invoke a wry smile now and then. This volume is like having the wisdom of Spock at your fingertips whenever you need it and would you believe, a lot of what is written here can be employed in our everyday lives. Glenn Dakin has served up something deserving of collecting and adding to your collection of Star Trek books on your shelves. Or in any book collection in fact. It truly is enjoyable. It now sits proudly on my bookshelf where it will live long and prosper. And that really is totally logical.

Star Trek – Mr. Spock’s Little Book of Mindfulness by Glenn Dakin is published by Eaglemoss/Hero Collector and is available to buy NOW!


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