December 6, 2023

The idea of a clone of Jesus becoming an atheist punk rocker was interesting and the ongoing question of whether or not keep things going very well

Punk Rock Jesus. I recently found out about this book from an article I read about graphic novels that should be made into Netflix TV series. Of the graphic novels mentioned in the article, this one stood out to me because of the authorship of Sean Murphy. Murphy is also the writer of the Batman White Knight miniseries that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Punk Rock Jesus | by Sean Murphy

Punk Rock Jesus TP: Murphy, Sean, Murphy, Sean: 9781401237684: Books

Punk Rock Jesus is a graphic novel that was originally published in 2012 as a 6 issue series by Vertigo. It was a New York Times Bestseller and won a few awards, most notably, the 2012 IGN Award for Best Comic Mini-Series.


The idea of a clone of Jesus becoming an atheist punk rocker was interesting. And the ongoing question of whether or not the main character, whose name is Chris, was a clone of Jesus kept things going very well. I also liked the subplot of Thomas, Chris’ bodyguard, about why he does what he does and what keeps him going. What was also enjoyable was the flashbacks about his history with the IRA.

Punk Rock Jesus – The Genre Fiend

I feel like the story is a good commentary on religion and consumerism and how extremism slanted it seems. Whether it be in politics, religion, or economic theory. It is never a good thing and results in dire consequences for all involved.


As far as the artwork, I think Murphy’s choice to go with black and white with this comic was a good one. I think that choice contributed and fit well with the story itself.

Sean Murphy's 'Punk Rock Jesus' Asks All The Right Questions [Review]

Overall, a graphic novel worth reading. I recommend it.

Punk Rock Jesus by Sean Murphy is published by DC Comics and is available to buy NOW!


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