December 7, 2023

The third season of DC’s Titans nears shooting as Warner Bros casts Savannah Welch in the role of Barbara Gordon

Savannah Welch has officially joined the cast of Titans Season 3.  The actor will fill the role of DC Comics icon Barbara Gordon. The official Titans Twitter account broke the story, and Variety later added some meat on the bones.

Welch will be portraying a version of the character we’ve never seen on screen before. One scarred by an assault from The Joker. One that has retired from a life of masked crime-fighting.  Instead, she will be bringing the paralyzed police commissioner incarnation to the screen.


Set after the events of The Killing Joke, this incarnation of Barbara Gordon will follow in her father’s footsteps and take up the mantle of Gotham City Police Commissioner. By night, however, Barabara moonlights as Oracle.  A computer expert and information broker.

Titans Nightwing


According to reports, Dick Grayson’s return to Gotham turns Barbara’s life upside down. At one time or another, they both suited up to defend Gotham City as Batgirl and Robin respectively. And their close connection inevitably led to a whirlwind romance.



Welch is best known for her role on the History Channel series Six but has also appeared in Boyhood and Tree of Life.

Sadly, we are still waiting to find out when we will get to see Titans Season 3. After making the shift from DC Universe to HBO Max, the series was hit by COVID delays. So, when this series will finally hit our screens is anyone guess. But thankfully, it appears to be taking shape.

We’ll keep you updated.


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