September 30, 2023

The world’s biggest movie monsters clash in the epic first trailer for Adam Wingard’s Godzilla vs Kong 

At long last, the trailer for Godzilla Vs Kong has finally arrived. At one point many of us feared this day would never come. But thankfully, Warner Bros. and Legendary have unleashed the beast. Literally.


After teasing us with the mother of all monster confrontations, the trailer has some pretty big revelations. Godzilla has been cast as the new “big bad” of the monster-verse, and Kong is the world’s last hope. It seems that since we last saw him, Godzilla has been attacking human kind and leaving a trail of devastation in his wake.

And the King of Skull Island is his oldest and deadliest nemesis. What could have prompted the big Zilla to turn to the dark side remains to be seen. But the mighty ape is ready to take the fight to the mighty Kaiju. Battleax in hand!


Kong appears to have formed a paternal bond with a young girl. And she becomes threatened by Godzilla’s unusually aggressive behavior. And is always the case, Kong always goes bat for his leading lady.

Either way, the trailer has delivered in a big way. And with only two months remaining until we get our first look, our expectations will now be through the roof. The ultimate clash of the Titans looks to be the ultimate popcorn movie. And I cannot wait to take my seat for the ultimate battle for supremacy.

In the monster-verse KONG IS KING!

Source: Warner Bros


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