January 30, 2023
The Mandalorian And The Child Hot Toys Deluxe Edition Review

The Hot Toys Deluxe version of The Mandalorian And The Child is nothing short of spectacular. It doesn’t get better than this!

Hot Toys‘ latest international release is The Mandalorian And The Child regular and deluxe version. For this one, it’s not Sideshow Collectibles handling the shipping but Hot Toys themselves directly from Hong Kong.


The box has the same design as the other Star Wars collectibles boxes – black with in the middle the picture of the figure(s) and Hot Toys has added their usual colored band at the bottom with another picture of what you’re getting.

The Mandalorian And The Child Hot Toys Deluxe


The deluxe version gets a lot of accessories. And by a lot I mean A LOT. Whistling bird firing effect, the whistling bird launcher loaded, the whistling bird launcher not loaded. The tracking fob, a light for the helmet, a detachable explosive, a blaster, the pulse rifle, ammunitions for the pulse rifle. A  grappling hook, a flamethrower effect, a hologram, a jetpack, jetpack reactors effects, a knife. An interchangeable shoulder pad, 7 interchangeable hands, beskar ingots, the Camtono, batteries. And that’s just for Mando.

For Grogu, Hot Toys has included the pram, two Grogu figures, a hologram, additional Grogu head joints, and additional hand joints. Grogu’s necklace, a blanket for Grogu, a basic stand for Mando, and an additional stand for Grogu and his pram. So yes, as you can read the list is quite long! As usual, read the instruction sheet before using the figure.


Speaking of accessories, I have to talk about the Camtono! It has a LED light-up feature and it’s as cool as it gets! It’s such a nice accessory! As usual with Hot Toys the accessories are beautifully detailed. For example, you can open the side of the pulse rifle to insert ammunition, you don’t get that with other brands!

The Mandalorian And The Child Hot Toys Deluxe


Let’s talk about Grogu. There are two figures. One for the pram when he is standing at the front and one that you can put in a sleeping position in the pram. Or have him standing next to Din Djarin. Both figures only have one point of articulation – the head. The rest is all plastic without articulation. I can understand why Hot Toys went that way especially after seeing the disaster that was the S.H. Figuarts figure.

It’s not articulated and it’s not soft goods but at least it looks great. And for Grogu, you don’t need articulation except of course for the head. The two head sculpts are absolutely wonderful! I love that they included two different facial expressions and the necklace as well! What is there not to love about Grogu? So cute! The pram that goes with Grogu is great. You have some battle damage paint on it, it can be closed or opened depends on what you want. It’s not heavy so it perfectly holds on the stand.

The Mandalorian And The Child Hot Toys Deluxe


Now, Din Djarin is truly an amazing figure! It is not die cast but the paint used on the plastic feels like it’s some kind of metal! Hot Toys has done a phenomenal job with this one. Plus, they gave us so many possibilities to display him. With the flamethrower effects, with the whistling bird’s effects, with the jetpack, the knife. The jetpack uses a magnet so it’s easy peasy to remove or put it.

You can display him with both the Amban rifle attached to his back and the jetpack. It’s up to you to choose from all these possibilities! They re-used a system used by Figuarts to attach the pulse rifle on the back but they improved it with magnets! Hot Toys love magnets and to be honest, it’s simple to use so I can understand this.


They really nailed it with all the details on the armor. And I like how many of the little parts on Mando’s armor are detachable like the explosive or the ammunition. It is a work of art! The articulation range is not limited by the armor, you can pose him the way you want. Just be careful when handling the armor parts.


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The deluxe version of The Mandalorian And The Child is the ultimate Mandalorian figure. There are so many accessories and you get Grogu, well actually two Grogus and the pram! It can’t get better than this!

The Mandalorian And The Child Deluxe Edition is available to buy now direct from Hot Toys.


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