February 7, 2023
Marvel Myths And Legends Review

“Fans and non-fans alike will get so much enjoyment from sitting down and reading Marvel Myths And Legends from cover to cover”

DK’s Marvel Myths And Legends is that rare thing amongst books that have been released to tie-in with the Marvel movies. Instead of being a retread of what has been seen on screen by millions of moviegoers, it goes into the history of the characters which have been or will be seen on screen. And to say it is a doozy would be an understatement. The reader will be captivated by what they will discover inside the pages of this impressive tome. The myths and legends that are covered in the book will bring joy to all those who read it.


What comic-book fan wouldn’t get enjoyment about finding out about The Celestials and their creations. The Eternals and the Deviants, constantly at war against each other. Or discovering about Wakanda and the legend of the Black Panther throughout the years. How about the rise of Atlantis and its greatest protector, the Sub-Mariner? Maybe the origins of Doctor Strange would be more to your liking? Or you can discover the Pantheons of Thor, the Asgardians, and their various rivals. All are contained within the pages here and with a wonderful surprise alongside them to boot.


From the introduction onwards, the book contains some of the artwork that the comic-books have contained over the years. These marvelous additions to the already rich and informative text bring the whole book and its revelations to life in a way that will send shivers of joy down the spines of the readers. Characters that have until now only existed on the printed page and have yet to be seen in the Disney Marvel universe are here to be discovered and brought into the reader’s consciousness. A teaser for what could be coming to the screen.

Iron Fist appears here in his original costume. Captain Britain makes an appearance. Dormammu himself is here. And Doctor Doom and Iron Man are seen fighting each other back in the middle ages. The classic stories from years gone by are presented again here in full and glorious color and detail.


We start with First Myths. It is here where we will discover the start of the universe, the ‘Birth Pangs‘, and the creation of the Celestials. Following on from this, we come across ‘Seeds Of Life And Death‘ and the emergence of the Elder Gods. Earth’s first living creatures. We now move to ‘First Gods‘ and discover what is commonly known as ‘The Prehistoric Avengers’. Odin Borson, Iron Fist, Starbrand, Phoenix, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, and Agamotto. These heroes have but one objective-to preserve and protect Earth throughout ancient times.

Marvel Myths And Legends


We go through the sections in historical order, from ‘Space Gods Descend‘ and the ‘Coming Of The Celestials‘ to ‘Pantheons Rise‘. And the story of the Asgardians and the Olympians through to the council of Godheads. We move swiftly on and encounter ‘Legendary Heroes‘ which will encompass the Immortal Iron Fists from their beginnings right up to the present day.

Eternal Heroes‘ make themselves known and we learn about Doctor Strange and his magical abilities. His adventures throughout the years, and his various stories. And finally, we come across ‘Modern Myths‘. Where we will discover all about Kull and the Void and The Final Host before we come to the end of our time learning about all the myths and legends. Along the way, we have encountered great characters such as Captain America, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Venom, and more.


These characters have become part of cinematic history with their various stories and appearances over the years. But here, we can discover more about them. About their first appearances, and their backstories as they take their places amongst the myths that have been woven over time.


From the very start of the book. From the moment the reader opens the wonderfully illustrated front cover. We are thrust into a completely different world. One in which we can lose ourselves for hours. Fans and non-fans alike will get so much enjoyment from sitting down and reading this volume from cover to cover. Just as I adored reading about greek mythology and the adventures, trials, and exploits of the gods and subjects. Including all the various creatures and monsters, I was hooked and completely involved with the history and mythology that is represented here.

The representations from comic-books from years gone by fit the text and descriptions perfectly. And they bring an even bigger sense of fun to proceedings. As a comic-book and Marvel fan, I think this book is great fun. Close the door, find a quiet place, and immerse yourself in this wonderful book. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

Marvel Myths And Legends by James Hill is published by DK Books and is available to buy NOW!


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