August 15, 2022

Tamashii Nations has posted new product pages for its Godzilla Vs Kong S.H. MonsterArts collection

Tamashii Nations has revealed new product pages for its upcoming Godzilla Vs Kong movie tie-in S.H. MonsterArts collection. The impressive new figures feature King Kong and Godzilla from Adam Wingard’s new movie.

Godzilla Vs Kong Tamashii Nations

The Godzilla figure is a completely new design and stands at an impressive 6.3″ tall.  It also boasts the inclusion of a metallic finish to replicate the monster’s atomic fire breath and includes two sets of hands. King Kong, on the other hand, stands at a disappointing 5.7″ tall. The set includes a pair of interchangeable portraits, two sets of hands, and a battleax. The ax appears to be one of Godzilla’s severed backplates.



These figures will be available in Japan in May priced at 6,600 Yen (about $64). The US and other territories will get theirs in June.

These impressive looking figures will be the perfect complement to Adam Wingard’s movie and are sure to be a hit with fans young and old. And what better way to kick-start your monster-verse collection than with the two biggest monsters in the yard?

In the monster-verse KONG IS KING!


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