August 19, 2022
Eaglemoss Klingon Chargh Class

Eaglemoss/Hero Collector has unveiled the latest addition to the Star Trek Discovery Official Ships Collection – The Klingon Chargh Class

Our friends at Hero Collector/Eaglemoss have just revealed the latest addition to the Star Trek Discovery: The Official Ships Collection. A Klingon Chargh-Class Battleship. The Chargh-Class vessel was used during the Battle of the Binary Stars. At the very beginning of Star Trek: Discovery Season One.

Klingon Chargh-Class

Klingon Chargh-Class Battlecruiser

A battleship in service to the Great Houses of the Klingon Empire in the 2250s, the Chargh-class used the same spaceframe as its cousin the Jach-Class. A minuscule primary hull with an impulse engine at its stern, flanked by a pair of enormous warp nacelles. The ship’s name means “conquer” in Klingon, suitable for its role in the Battle at the Binary Stars.

This series of die-cast models feature ships based directly on the original VFX models of Star Trek: Discovery, ensuring extraordinary detail and accuracy. Each is accompanied by a spotlight magazine.

Klingon Chargh-Class

While this is the last in the Star Trek Discovery: Official Ships Collection, more Discovery ships, including ships from Season 3, will be available – and at the same scale – as part of the new Star Trek: Official Starships Collection launching in April.

Once we have an official release date for this stunning vessel, we’ll update the post. But in the meantime, we still have the sensational new vessels from Star Trek: Picard to look forward to and they look equally glorious. Check them out here.

Source: Hero Collector


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