Star Wars The High Republic Into The Dark Review

In Into The Dark, join a young Jedi Archivist on an unexpected adventure in the first Young Adult book for The High Republic.

In Into The Dark, young Padawan Reath Silas has just been assigned to travel to Starlight Beacon – where his Master has been sent to be the Jedi liaison. Problem is, he’d rather spend his days in the archives than on the frontier of space. Jedi Orla Jareni and Chomac Vitas are also going to Starlight for their assignments. The three travel together on the chartered ship the Vessel, but when the debris of a destroyed ship knocks the Vessel and other ships out of hyperspace, the group is forced to take refuge on an abandoned space station. The station has many secrets, however, and discovering them will be dangerous for all.

Star Wars: The High Republic | Claudia Gray

A second storyline involves a mission twenty-five years prior that involved Orla and Chomac as Padawans and shaped the Jedi they became. This is told in flashbacks from each of their perspectives. And it serves to remind the characters to always trust their instincts and the Force.

The Nihil, The Byne Guild, and The Drengir

We are introduced to two new groups here. The Nihil, who appeared in A Test of Courage. And the Byne Guild, who are a shipping and transport company. The Nihil are set up here to be the villains of this series. Responsible for the destruction of a Byne Guild ship traveling in hyperspace, and conspiring to claim the abandoned station for themselves, they give the three Jedi more than a spot of trouble. As for the Byne Guild, they own the Vessel, but its copilot, Affie Hallow, will find secrets on the station that point to nefarious activity on behalf of the Guild.

Star Wars: The High Republic concept art - The Nihil

The Drengir

The Drengir is a newly introduced species that are plant-based. No, not sentient plants, but made of plants. They are also drenched in the Dark Side. I’m not exactly sure if they were being set up to be another ongoing enemy, or if this is their only appearance. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I hope we learn more about them because they are very interesting.

Star Wars: The High Republic concept art - The Drengir

Plot and Structure

While this story was slow to start. This was mainly due to all the setup involved in introducing so many different characters and new things. Reath may be the main character, but all the characters get point-of-view chapters at least once. These introductions take time. Once everything was set up, things picked up. And by halfway through we are hit with not one but two major plot twists that made me gasp out loud in shock. Claudia Gray knows how to throw something out of the left field.

Overall, despite its slow start, the story is engaging, full of action, adventure, and mystery. We get fight scenes, a bit of old Jedi Lore, and more than one mystery to solve about the station.

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The Queen of Star Wars Books

Claudia Gray is the bestselling author of Bloodline, Lost Stars, and Leia: Princess of Alderaan. All three novels are beloved by Star Wars fans. Her non-Star Wars books include the Firebird Trilogy, which has Sliders vibes if you remember that show. And the Constellation series which begins with Defy the Stars.

Into the Dark is for teen readers. But due to the multiple viewpoints of adult characters and Gray’s ability to craft both adult and teen novels, this novel will appeal to readers fourteen and up.


Star Wars: The High Republic – Into the Dark by Claudia Gray is published by Disney Lucasfilm Press and is available to buy now!


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